Analytics to Drive Success

Work with us to generate insights from your data, or to capture and analyze new data streams.

Our Services

Our services range from data collection to data analysis and consulting

New Data Streams

We can help set up new video/audio feeds, connect with APIs or databases.

Efficient Storage

Use industry standard methods to facilitate growth.

Local or Server Solutions

Set up systems to work locally, or let us handle it.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Contact us for pricing details.

Advanced Models

From regression models to computer vision models, we have you covered.


Have a partial solution or a goal? We can help review your pipeline and provide suggestions.

An array of resources

Our suite of resources to help your analyses today

Our Online Apps

  • Integrates seamlessly through your browser
  • Interactive and simple to use
  • Use results to power offline apps

Our Server Capabilities

  • Less management from your end
  • Send and receive data by SFTP
  • Easily access updated models

Our Collaborations

  • State-of-the-art algorithms and systems
  • Deploy academic research to useful applications
  • Problem solving across various industries

“Embracing AI in veterinary medicine as a clinician offers the exciting prospect of practicing comprehensive and advanced care, enabling us to deliver a broad spectrum care to our animal patients.”

Douglas R. Chamroeun

UMN DVM candidate 2026